Solomon’s Decision
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 1, 2009 - 6:42:00 AM

Madeline Pierson has lost her best friend and lover a week before they were due to wed. In her time of unbearable grief, she makes the decision to be artificially inseminated by a donor resembling her deceased fiancé, Jesse. She’s delighted with her twin children, but she’s never forgotten about the one-night stand she’d experienced the same day as her trip to the fertility clinic.

Erik Solomon first sees Madeline at a conference where he's a speaker on the preservation of wetlands. Erik has never had a one-night stand before but something about Madeline draws him to her. He knows that there can never be anything permanent between them but they feel so right together, he can’t resist when she begs him to love her.

Eight years after the fateful day Erik and Madeline met, their path’s cross again. Jesse’s father, Jethro Zenger has decided to sell his ranch which also happens to contain an untouched wetland called Wounded Bear Meadow. With developers interested in purchasing the ranch and turning it into a recreational community, Madeline, as the City/County Planner sent a letter asking for advice from a more knowledgeable planner. Her letter was forwarded from another planner and found it’s way into Erik’s hands. Since Erik is bored with the demands as one of National Wetland’s Trust’s senior associates, makes the decision to pay a visit to evaluate the importance of Wounded Bear Meadow himself. Upon seeing Madeline again, he experiences a twinge of regret and longing for this woman he’s never forgotten.

Madeline is busy going through the normal Monday morning ritual with her twins, Ginger and Kyle and wondering once again about the sperm donor who help create such rambunctious morning kids. They definitely didn’t get that quality from her. Several cups of coffee are normally required in order for her to even get up to the kids speed in the mornings. Finally she gets them off to school, then she receives a phone call from Harry. It seems his dog and he had a disagreement and the dog won resulting in Harry breaking his leg. Madeline would have to play guide for Erik. Erik is thrilled to have the chance to spend time with her and doubtful of the condition of the wetlands until he sees it for himself from the helicopter. As they explore a portion of the wetland, memories of their night together overwhelm them both, but Madeline backs off stating that unless there’s going to be more than a couple of weeks, then they aren’t going to do anything about their desires. Will they succeed in saving Wounded Bear Meadow from developers? What about the kids, what will Erik do when he sees Madeline’s children for the first time and realizes they are his?

SOLOMON’S DECISION exceeded any expectations I had of it soon after I began reading the book. Judith B. Glad combines interesting facts about wetlands with small community dynamics to create a heart-touching love story. There are many sub-stories that combine to keep the reader guessing at what will happen next. Living in a small town where everybody knows everybody else’s business is interesting to say the least and Ms. Glad brings out the town’s more interesting characters throughout the story in ways that will keep you amused by their antics as they each attempt to get Madeline and Erik together as a couple. SOLOMON’S DECISION is a wonderfully fun book that readers will find themselves eagerly ‘turning pages’ to see what happens next.

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