Some Girls Do
By Sherri Myers
Aug 6, 2003 - 5:13:00 PM

Katie Collins, personal assistant to Ivan Rasmussen, couldn't believe her ears. $100,000!! All she had to do was play matchmaker and find a wealthy husband for her boss' daughter, the plain overweight Wilhemina. No easy task for sure. It would be hard-earned money but well worth it in the end, she decided as she accepted Ivan's offer. Where would she find suitable marriage material for the self-conscious only daughter of Ivan the Terrible? To top it all off, she was stuck with her boss' security specialist Michael Wingate tagging along.

While her boss is off on a cruise with his sixth wife, Katie gets busy lining up social gatherings to attend with Wilhemina. After a rather nasty encounter with a golddigger at the very first party they attend, Katie tells a fairy tale to Wilhemina about a cowboy knight from Texas. Waking in the morning to find Wilhemina missing, Katie and Michael find themselves taking an adventure through Texas in search of Wilhemina and her hairless cat Chantal. While they are searching bars and hotels throughout Texas, Wilhemina has been staying at a hog farmer's ranch when he rescued her after she had a car accident. She ends up falling in love with Douglas McGinley and believes she has finally found true love.  Has Wilhemina found true love on her own without Katie's help?


During their trip in search of Wilhemina and Chantal, Katie and Michael begin to feel a strong sexual longing for each other and despite fighting it, they finally give in to the temptation and become lovers. Will they end up together also or is this just a passing fling?


After finally tracking down Wilhemina, convincing her she needs to return home is another problem in itself. She is determined to stay put and doesn't want to leave the man of her dreams. Can Katie convince her to go back to Philadelphia or will she have some explaining to do to her boss? After all, he said,"no ex-convicts, no freeloaders, no disease carriers, and no rednecks". Doug McGinley certainly fell into the last category! Hog-farmer, indeed! Katie knew she was in for trouble for sure.


This book has not one but two love stories woven throughout its pages and will keep you turning pages well after you should have turned out the lights for bed. Follow the adventures of Katie, Michael, and Wilhemina as they all come to terms with who they are and finally free themselves from their dark pasts. Parts of this book will make you cry, some will make you laugh, but you will want to keep reading just to see what happens next. I found Sunny Collins' (Katie's dead mother) words of advice to be a neat little addition to the beginning of each chapter and many were funny but with a ring of truth to them. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to WHEN SHE'S BAD coming in November, 2003.

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