Somebody Like You
By Dottie
May 17, 2014 - 8:00:00 AM

When Stephen Ames’ parents divorced, their family was torn asunder. Stephen sided with his father while his twin brother, Sam, went with their mother, and the two brothers have not spoken to each other in years. Now, after being dumped and then laid off from his job, Stephen receives the news that Sam is dead, killed by a sniper while serving as an Army medic in Afghanistan. No longer able to make amends with his brother, Stephen seeks closure by trying to get some answers about Sam’s recent life from the one person Stephen has never met – Sam’s young wife.

Since receiving the news of her husband’s death, Haley has only been able to get through one day and one task at a time. First, she discovered that she is pregnant, then she moved out of their apartment into a house and got a job. Although she has been in the house for a month, she is too weary to even finish unpacking the boxes. With Haley shouldering all of the responsibility now, she feels overwhelmed. On top of working and taking care of the house, she has childbirth classes as she prepares for the upcoming labor and delivery, and the homeowner’s association is on her back to make the repairs to her dilapidated house. Missing her husband, she prays to be able to see her husband’s face one more time, but Haley never expects to see it on his twin brother, a sibling she knew nothing about. He showed up suddenly, without warning, and Haley thought it was her husband and found it hard to believe that Sam never told her about Stephen.

Stephen and Haley have a tumultuous relationship and struggle against the underlying feelings that develop between them due to Haley being Sam’s widow and Stephen being his twin. Will the ghost of Sam keep them from exploring their love for each other and having a future together?

An inspirational story, SOMEBODY LIKE YOU, the latest book by author Beth K. Vogt, is a poignant, emotion-packed, contemporary romance that is sure to touch your heart. Haley is a very independent woman. With three older brothers, she learned early in life to be self-sufficient and stand up for herself. She is used to doing things on her own, something Sam was only too willing to let her do since he was often off on deployment. Meanwhile, Stephen is more steadfast and tries to be there for Haley whenever she needs him. As they spend time together, Haley begins to see how different the brothers really are despite being identical twins. Throughout the story, both Stephen and Haley looked to God for answers to their dilemmas.

Estrangement, deployment, death, grief, childbirth, God, forgiveness, healing, second chances, realistic characters, a compelling plot and love combine to give readers a story they will not soon forget. Beautifully written, this story will bring you to tears as you discover once more how mysteriously God sometimes works. I loved this story and cannot wait to see what Ms. Vogt comes up with next. Definitely a keeper!

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