Somebody Special
By Zee
Dec 1, 2008 - 3:09:08 AM

Tony is an investigative reporter for a New Jersey paper. His life is not exactly hum-drum but it isn’t spectacular either. Or, maybe he spoke too quickly.

One night, he finds a beautiful redhead in his house. Her name is Faye. Convinced he is dreaming, Tony doesn’t bother to figure out how she got here, what she wants, and why she is with him. It’s just a dream, right?

Not exactly. The following morning, he wakes up with her body twisted around his, and before he knows it, Faye drags him into the adventure of his life. Between taking on the Mafia and whatever other crazy schemes Faye has in her pretty head, Tony finds himself exposing illegal activities of the Mob, working with the authorities to bring crime leaders down, and upping the circulation of his newspaper through the articles he can print thanks to Faye’s intervention.

Love doesn’t waste a minute to peek out. Tony is falling for Faye. But can there really be something between them? Especially when one bears in mind that Faye is actually dead?

Look no further if you’re out to catch a good read. SOMEBODY SPECIAL is the book you want if you’re into mystery, romance, or plain comedy. Did I also add there is a very liberal dose of quirky supernatural twists in this one?

Reading this book feels like watching a movie play out right before your eyes. Set mainly in Tony’s point of view, the story flows without the reader noticing when and where the time flies, so much you can get engrossed in this one. This story is funny and you’ll laugh out loud in many places. Or you’ll go, “No! They didn’t!”. Actually, it’s mostly, “No, she didn’t!”, for Faye is at the heart of every little twist and wacky turn in this book.

Mr. Dragona writes with a sure pen. Actually, it seems as if he is having extreme fun in putting this one down, and this excitement and fun is very contagious.

SOMEBODY SPECIAL is a story that will stay with me for a long time. Try it – it’ll become a favourite of yours too.

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