Somebody to Love
By Sarah W
Apr 1, 2012 - 11:37:25 AM

Parker Welles is used to wealth and privilege. That all changes when her father informs her that he is being sent to prison for insider-trading and that he lost her trust fund, plus the trust fund for her young son, Nicky. Parker is upset at her father and while she knows she can survive without the money, she feels bad for Nicky. While most of her wealth and lifestyle have been taken from her to pay off her father’s debts, she does have a house all of her own in Maine that was left to her by a relative. Parker hopes to fix it up a bit then sell it for a profit that can help her future with Nicky. Unfortunately, it is nowhere near as easy as Parker thinks it will be and with her father out of commission, she has to deal with his second-in-command, his lawyer, James Cahill, also known as “Thing One”.

James Cahill has had eyes for Parker since he met her. She has not given him the time of day however. Well, there was that wedding where things between them definitely heated up. But now, it is back to ignoring him and calling him “Thing One”. James feels responsible for making sure that Parker is okay so he heads up to Maine also. Parker’s “inheritance” is a hoarder’s haven and it is going to take a lot of work to get the house in order. That means Parker and James are stuck with each other for the summer. Parker had wanted to have a wild fling while Nicky was with his father but perhaps the perfect man is right under her nose.

SOMEBODY TO LOVE is Kristan Higgins at her finest. There is something special about Parker and James’s relationship. It is not an easy relationship by any means. Parker has many misconceptions about James while James is feeling hopeless about his feelings for Parker. Being in close quarters in Maine make it difficult to resist the attraction between them, particularly as Parker starts to see a different side of James for once. He is no longer “Thing One” but a man with baggage of his own. As they work together on cleaning up the house, both start to become acclimated to the small Maine town, participating in local events and getting to know the citizenry, all of whom are just a tad bit quirky but add levity to the otherwise hard task of getting the house ready to sell.

James is a fabulous character and I liked seeing his motivations for his decisions slowly unveiled throughout the story. Parker and James do not seem like a match made in heaven but Parker is far more resilient and strong than her father could ever give her credit for and she succeeds no matter the odds. A run down house? She will work hard to clean it up. No job? She will do whatever she can to make ends meet. Need her spirits lifted? Get a cute dog! These are classic Kristan Higgins plot moves but they seem fresh and new when Parker and James come together.

SOMEBODY TO LOVE is charming and heartbreaking. James and Parker made my heart pound with happiness. Kristan Higgins has a deft touch with creating unique characters that face their hardships with determination. This is a book that is utterly lovely from start to finish.

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