Someday Soon/Sooner or Later
By Kim Atchue-Cusella
Aug 7, 2006 - 6:30:00 PM



Linette Collins finds herself at a Christmas party given by her sister-in- law. She thinks it is high time that she start socializing again after the loss of her husband to Leukemia. She’s just started feeling comfortable by herself when her gaze locked with a man who was also alone at the party. Cain McClellan is alone at his friend’s party. He is scanning the crowd waiting to find a way to get out when he meets the eyes of Linette. At their first touch both feel the spark of passion ignite.

Linette owns a knitting shop but unknown to her is the fact that Cain is a mercenary. When she finds out his career, she is not sure she can handle the fact of not knowing whether he is dead or alive while he is away on a mission for a long period of time. She can’t lose another man she loves. Cain needs to do some soul searching to see if love is enough for him or if he needs the adrenaline from his job.




Letty Madden needs help finding her twin brother, Luke, who is a missionary in Zarcero. The only man she thinks can help is Shaun Murphy so she waits until he comes to pick up his mail at her job as a postmistress and presents him with her proposal. At first he refuses but when he learns she will be going by herself, he changes his mind. His offer has nothing to do with money though.


With a little help along the way they find themselves tromping through Zarcero on their way to help Luke. Letty has a firecracker personality that gets them both in trouble at some points but Murphy finds himself falling for her. He can’t afford to fall in love; he has seen what it has done to his fellow comrades. Can they get out of Zarcero alive, and not only that, but can Murphy save his heart from this girl?



Debbie Macomber has proved herself as a remarkable storyteller. SOMEDAY SOON and SOONER OR LATER are both reissued from the mid 1990’s. The heroes, Cain and Murphy work as mercenaries from a firm called The Deliverance Company. Linette isn’t looking for love anymore than Cain is but when it hits them straight in the heart they can’t seem to stay away from each other. Letty is a spitfire that will keep Murphy on his toes while he unconsciously falls for her. Both stories are wonderfully written and have you starved for more of their lives. I had a hard time putting this down and recommend it to anyone who loves a good read filled with adventure and romance.                                    


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