Someone Else's Fairytale
By Claudette
Jun 20, 2013 - 10:40:14 AM

Someone Else’s Fairytale is fresh, funny, entertainingly witty and not at all what I was expecting.  Chloe Winter has no interest in movie heartthrob Jason Vanderholt.  She’s not a teenage girl who has a weepy meltdown at the thought of seeing him in person or someone who devours fan magazines. So she is completely broadsided by the sudden interest from a handsome and surprisingly down to earth actor, who just wants to be her friend.  Is Jason Vanderholt really friendship material, or does he have a hidden agenda?

At the age of twenty-one Chloe winters has had more drama in her short life than most people have viewed on their favorite soap.  So it is hardly surprising that she has evolved into a career orientated student with a no nonsense attitude.  When she and her best friends, Lori and Matthew, get the chance to be extras on the film set, it is the pay that is her main incentive not the chance to glimpse hot Hollywood actor Jason Vanderholt.  So when he starts pursuing her Chloe is confused by his interest and determined that her life is not going to go crazy as a result.  But as always life isn’t so obliging.

I love that Chloe is a complex character, relatable and infinitely likable.  The author ensures that though at first glance of the synopsis this may appear to be another fluffy chick-lit romance, it is anything but; I was never sure what twists would appear in this far from formulaic plot.  I was kept guessing and glued to the narrative throughout.

This novel is an absolute joy to read; refreshingly original, with characters who were realistically flawed and believable.  The only thing about this book I can fault is the ending.  I didn’t want it to end but as it is the first in a series, I can forgive the author so long as she hurries up and makes sure to have the next book out as soon as possible. I’ve just checked the author’s site and the next book is already out, Yay! Titled ‘Nobody’s Damsel’, it came out early this year.   I have to add that Ms. Tippetts managed to enthrall me as a reader with a romance that contains no sex whatsoever!  That’s right, no verbal seduction, no hot foreplay and no sizzling action.  If that doesn’t spell pure genius to you, then read the book and decide for yourself.

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