Someone To Watch Over Me
By Sherri Myers
Jul 30, 2004 - 9:47:00 PM

Gwen Moss has moved to Magnolia Falls, Georgia, to try to get a fresh start on her life after being attacked by a rapist. Fortunately, she was rescued before being seriously hurt. She still lives in constant fear of her attacker; the trauma keeps her scared of men and dark places. When the opportunity arrives for her to move far away and start a new life, she takes it.

William Jackson "Jax" Cassidy is known as a lady's man in his hometown of Magnolia Falls, having dated many of its female citizens at one time or another. Being entrusted to settle his mother's estate after her death from cancer, Jax tries to deal with his three grieving sisters and his mom's dog, Romeo. Jax's nerves are stretched to the limit as he deals with his anger at God for taking his mom and at the pointlessness of her death. How will he ever survive the ordeal and remain sane?

When Gwen sees the sexy, hurting bachelor, the attraction is instantaneous. But then, all women felt the same way when they first saw Jax Cassidy. Definitely not Jax's type, Gwen doesn't pose a threat to him as they help each other deal with the painful issues in their lives. Jax is hoping to pawn Romeo off on Gwen, but is that the only reason for his being nice to her? Can they help each other heal and learn to love and trust in others again?

Teresa Hill has written an incredibly true-to-life novel that will have you rooting for these two hurting people to find each other. Gwen must overcome her all-consuming fear of men and life in general, and Jax must learn to allow himself to be loved. When both of them finally lower their guards and trust each other, only good things can happen. Teresa Hill has proven why she is a USA TODAY best-selling author with SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME. If you enjoy inspirational romances, be sure to search out this one from Steeple Hill.

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