Someone to Love Me

Author: Francis Ray

Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks

Release Date: December 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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For nine years, Michelle Grant has been in awe of an angel; but, this particular angel just happened to be most handsome and oh, so sensual. He came into her life quickly, during a time of need, and he has been in her thoughts ever since.  Michelle only knew this man as B.J. and he had saved her from a violent confrontation with a man she had thought loved her.  Had B.J. not been walking along the beach that night - well, Michelle didn't even want to think about what could have happened. 

B.J. had given her comfort when she needed it most.  He had treated her tenderly, with great compassion.  For this she would never forget him.  What she remembered even more, though, was the one small kiss she gave him while being torn with emotion and ripe with need.  The vision she has played over in her mind for all of these years is one with his arm around her waist, leading her away from the man who wanted to cause her harm.  How can you ever set free a moment such as this when you feel cared for and safe?  For Michelle, this is the hauntingly beautiful dream that keeps her company while she drifts off to sleep each night, hoping that one day this angel will cross her path once again.


Brad Jamison, B.J. to his friends, has thought about his beautiful and fragile mystery woman for nine years.  He's never been able to find her and tell her just how she had helped him through a difficult time in his life and how she gave him the will he so needed.  In his struggle to break free from the strong dislike he has toward his mother he puts all of his effort into his work to be the best, the man who has it all. Yet, it's the image of a young woman who takes over his dreams when he closes his eyes.


Since that fateful night on the beach, Michelle has turned her life around.  She?s become one of the most successful commercial realtors in Dallas .  As fate would have it (does it ever really give you a choice in the matter?), there is a prospective client she is asked to meet during a party being given by her boss.  In one instant, her world is shocked as her body remembers the electricity; the sudden tingling sensation that sends ripples coursing through her veins.  She knows those smoldering, black eyes - the way they caressed her body, the way they held her in his sight - it was all coming back to her.  This was her angel, this was her B.J.  Only it was quite evident he had no clue she was the young woman from long ago. 


From the moment they first meet again, the air around them sizzles. Brad is the CEO of Computron, a highly successful business.  Michelle has been assigned to be his agent and will show him around the area while helping him choose the perfect sight for his new building.  Each time they are in the same room discussing possible sights, the air is thick with raw, nervous tension.


What they're each not aware of, though, is they're both fighting for the same thing, something that is very personal and so very important. There is a piece of property which Michelle and Brad both desire.  For Brad, it's because of a close family tie, for Michelle, it's because she wants to help her brother who was injured in a terrible motorcycle accident.  It is through these desires that we see the strength and determination two people possess in times of great struggle.  What they learn about one another and the power of choice will stay with you long after the story has ended.


SOMEONE TO LOVE is a thought provoking novel.  Francis Ray has given us a glimpse of how people can overcome great odds and accomplish awesome things in their lives.  Her characters are wonderfully portrayed, each one having a unique personality.  Ms. Ray has definitely found her writing voice.  It's bold, daring, and handsomely detailed.  I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end.  As an added surprise, Ms. Ray has something quite special at the end of her novel.  It's a delicious short story written especially for you, her readers.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Patti Fleishman

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