Someone to Love Me
By Chrissy Dionne
Nov 5, 2006 - 4:32:00 PM

The plane Charlie was flying has gone down in the Alaskan wilderness. She’d made a last minute decision to fly home and surprise her parents for their thirty-first wedding anniversary. It would have been a great surprise if everything had gone according to plan. Because she hadn't told her family she was coming there’s no telling how long it will be before a search will begin for her. With only the downed plane for shelter, Charlie treks out in an attempt to find help, but encounters a raging river instead.

Luke had seen Charlie’s plan crash and knew he would have to check for survivors. Being a recluse, he would have preferred to not get involved but realistically he knows he must help if he can. What he doesn’t expect is to be attracted to the young woman he finds. To make matters worse, she’ll be staying with him until the snows melt enough for him to take her to town - two months from now.

Charlie’s worried about how her parents are going to take the news of her disappearance. Her daughter Robin's death had been devistating for all of them, she still tears up at the memory of her loss. There had already been so much heartache in her family that she hates that there’s no way to notify her parents and brothers that she’s all right. Luke is doing his best to keep Charlie at a distance. He’d moved to the mountains to keep people at an emotional distance, the last thing he wants is a woman getting to his heart and making him care again. They’ve got two months until the snow melts and she’ll leave him for civilization. Will that be long enough for Charlie to prove to Luke that there are no guarantees in life or love, but love is what makes life worth living?

DA Wallace’s SOMEONE TO LOVE ME is a heart-touching story that I believe will give readers something to think about. I could fully sympathize with Charlie’s pain and cheer her bravery for being willing to continue on with life after her daughter’s death. Luke has suffered his own losses as well, but he chose to go into seclusion rather than risk the pain of loving and losing again. It takes Charlie some poking and prodding to get Luke to open up to her, but she’s one determined lady. All Luke’s stored up emotion requires an outlet and Charlie is just too tempting for him to resist. I love the emotional bond that Charlie and Luke form, despite his best intentions. They had me close to tears several times, especially near the end of the story, but I won’t ruin that for you, you’re just going to have to pick up a copy for yourself.

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