Something About That Lady
By Nadine St. Denis
Jun 30, 2004 - 1:01:00 PM

On board the Ryndam, Brienna meets Matt, a handsome and outgoing man who also happens to be blind. His "eyes" are his companion, Hank. These two gregarious and perceptive cowboys soon realize that although Brienna looks content on the outside, deep down she is extremely unhappy. At the end of the cruise, Matt invites her to spend some time with him on his ranch in South Western Alberta. The thought of extending her vacation amid such majestic scenery soon convinces her to accept his generous offer. When she meets Matt's brother Jed, sparks fly! But misunderstandings, distrust along with a healthy dose of jealousy keep these two from realizing that they are meant to be together. With the intervention of Jed's brother and fate, both Brienna and Jed realize that love and passion are still in the cards for them both.

The rugged, untamed beauty of the Rocky Mountains gives a perfect backdrop for the story of Brienna and Jed. Both have a history of being hurt and used, so consequently both have trouble believing in true love. Trust and commitment is tested for them both, but in the end, they both realize that no matter what you are forced to deal with, if you have your true love by your side, you can overcome anything.


SOMETHING ABOUT THAT LADY is a delightful book that deals with emotional pain, along with physical challenges and promises that if you can overcome these, the reward is fabulous! I highly recommend this book to all romance readers. I especially enjoyed the wonderful Canadian setting.

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