Something About You
By Sarah W
Apr 1, 2010 - 9:55:46 PM

Assistant U.S. Attorney Cameron Lynde is trying to enjoy an evening at a hotel while her floors are being redone. Unfortunately, she cannot fall asleep because the couple next door is having a vigorous evening in bed. Too vigorous in Cameron’s opinion. But what started out as an annoyance turns into a murder that is about to bring chaos, and a man, back into her life.

FBI Special Agent Jack Pallas never wanted to see Cameron again after she nearly derailed his FBI career three years ago. But now they are thrown together because Cameron is the only witness to this very high-profile murder. The rocky past between these characters makes this close contact very difficult however. Cameron knows Jack blames her for the past and she even understands part of it, but she cannot reveal the truth to him.

The attraction, ignored for three years, is back for these two. Neither wants to act on it but the close proximity is revealing new feelings and long held truths. And with Cameron’s safety on the line, not even Jack is going to take a risk. But will they catch the killer in time?

Julie James wows with SOMETHING ABOUT YOU! This contemporary romance is both intense and hilarious. Jack first appears as a bit of a grump but you will soon find out he has a wicked sense of humor and a boatload of honor. This is a man you do not want to let go! But excitement aside, it was not necessarily easy for Cameron and Jack to put aside their differences and to truly figure out the past.

I also really liked the fact that Cameron was not afraid to be feminine in a field not always dominated by women. She liked nice clothes, she enjoyed decorating her home, but she has a killer intelligence and sense of justice that she wants to see carried out. These two things do not always go hand in hand in romance land. Cameron respected the policemen who were watching out for her and tried to stay safe on her own. This was no silly woman. She was a definite match for Jack Pallas.

SOMETHING ABOUT YOU is a fabulously written and all too engaging love story. Jack and Cameron will still a piece of your heart as they succumb to love. Julie James is going to outdo herself with this wonderful romance. It is a heartstopper!

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