Something Borrowed : The Legacy Of The Celtic Brooch Ten
By J.T.
Jan 15, 2008 - 8:26:13 AM

Newly divorced Jody is in a bind. Not only does she have to drive across state to attend a family wedding, but she has to do it alone while her ex will be there with his pretty young wife in tow. It was enough to give her visions of pitying looks and "Poor Jody" comments from her family and friend.

What is a woman to do except hire herself a gentleman escort, erm…driver to ferry her to the wedding and back. Too bad that the handsome Clifford Fisher only seems to date gorgeous chicks below the age of thirty but that makes it all the more easier for her to admire him from afar. Or so Jody thought until the trip throws them into close confines and she begins to realize that this Cinderella might just have a chance at attaining Prince Charming after all.


Who knew that SOMETHING BORROWED could have such a big impact on a person's life. Once again, THE LEGACY OF THE CELTIC BROOCH brings hope and love to those who believe. Though this book is part of a series, Kathleen O'Connor has written a delightful story about having a second chance at love that can be read alone and enjoyed immensely as I did.

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