Something More

Author: Amanda Young

Publisher: Loose Id

Release Date: March 6, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Emma Taylor’s been in love with Will O’Malley for years. Being in love with your boss is difficult enough but the situation is compounded by the fact that she was once engaged to his brother. Will already has a lover anyway so it’s hopeless to pin all her dreams and desires on him.

Will O’Malley is wracked with guilt because of his feelings for Emma. He’s in love with Paul and has been for the past two years but he’s drawn to Emma as well. Will’s tried to bury his feelings and think of her as just a friend, only he’s finding it impossible to continue to lie to himself.

Paul Argonaut has noticed the heated glances Emma and Will give each other when neither of them thinks the other is looking. He’s not offended or hurt. In fact, he’s rather infatuated with Emma himself but he quickly comes to the conclusion that nothing is going to happen among the three of them if he doesn’t initiate it himself.

Emma’s just starting her vacation and looking forward to a whole week off from work. She'll get to read and be the homebody that she truly is - unfortunately her laptop has other ideas. Paul fixes the clunker for her whenever she crashes it, but this time he needs to keep it overnight because he’s busy working on another project which he needs to finish first. The fact that Emma seems nervous about leaving the computer makes him curious. Just what does she have on there that she doesn’t want him to see? What he finds is the last thing he expected, but oh the possibilities - Emma has bought e-books featuring gay men or two bisexual men who share a woman. He had no doubt that she desired Will but could she be interested in them both? Paul’s determined to find out and takes it upon himself to invite her into a menage.

Amanda Young’s SOMETHING MORE captures all the emotional turmoil and fears that come with stepping into a new situation. Paul, Will and Emma have been friends for quite some time, giving into their sexual desires will change things between them. I have to laugh at how Paul goes behind Will’s back and invites Emma into a menage and then Will’s reaction to that bit of news really draws the reader emotionally into the story. Their relationship is anything but traditional and they have issues they’ll have to work through, including Will’s fear that a relationship among the three of them won’t last and he’ll be forced to choose.

Readers are treated to red hot passionate scenes full of emotion which will keep you riveted to the pages. I’ll definitely be watching for more of Ms. Young’s books to be released. Be sure to stop by her website and check out the coming soon page. There will be several releases in the near future.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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