Something Naughty
By Contessa
Jan 8, 2007 - 4:36:00 PM

Damon Becker is in total shock!  His grandmother just informed him that she has partnered with Naughty Devil to expand the Becker Style Tailoring business suits to include very sexy under garments for women along with other various sexual paraphernalia.  Damon is utterly against the idea because he believes that junk will ruin their business reputation; however, to pacify his grandmother, Damon reluctantly agreed to meet with one of the co-owners of Naughty Devil to review her ideas.

Tanika Davis, co-owner of Naughty Devil, is very excited about venturing into a new partnership with a prestigious company like Becker Style Tailoring.  However, Tanika did not expect to be receiving such a huge resistance about Naughty Devil’s production line from Damon Becker.  Determined to make a success of their partnership, Tanika decides to show Damon that business suits, sexy edible underwear, and handcuffs are the perfect combination.


With a title like SOMETHING NAUGHTY I just knew that I was in for deliciously, spicy romance.  And, Readers, let me tell you, you are in for a tantalizing treat!  So, be prepared to jump into a cool shower after completing this flaming hot novel.  Tanika is a very passionate and daring type of heroine.  While Damon is the prime and proper, stuffed-shirt hero who can’t seem to stop fantasizing about making love to Tanika in his bed, on his desk and in various other places.  Whew!  This is one book that you will not want to put down until the dramatic conclusion comes to a close.  Overall, I found SOMETHING NAUGHTY to be a sinfully, wicked tale full of super-hot sexual encounters, wonderful characters, and a splash of intrigue. 

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