Something New
By Natalie S.
Oct 12, 2010 - 12:03:23 PM

Rodrigo Santiago has wanted Abby for years.  And she doesn’t know it because he hides his yearnings of her beneath a veneer that no one can break.  His jokes and snide comments send Abby’s temper skyrocketing and that is the way he likes it – after all, he doesn’t want her to know that she is the woman for him. 

Braden Crenshaw desires men and women.  The woman for him, however, is Abby Gaines.  He knows she is hiding her heart and keeping it safe for fear of being hurt.  What she doesn’t understand is that Braden wants to be her shield and her anchor.  He also knows that in order to love Abby he would have to accept Rodrigo as well.  And that might take some doing. 


Abby suffers from nightmares and premonitions about the death of her parents.  She isn’t sleeping and she isn’t eating.  When her friends Rodrigo and Braden decide enough is enough, Abby finds herself overwhelmed by the thoughts and touches of these two gorgeous men. 


Make sure you have a nice tall glass of ice water with you when reading SOMETHING NEW because this is one smoking hot read.  The relationship between Rodrigo, Braden, and Abby is realistic and each person’s expectation of their love affair just works.  It is sometimes filled with strife, sometimes playful bickering, but definitely love is in the air and in their hearts.  I love Cameron Dane ménages and fully recommend trying SOMETHING NEW!

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