Something Unpredictable

Author: Barbara Chepaitis

Publisher: Atria books

Release Date: May 20, 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Delilah, thirty-one-years old and is still living with her parents on their Key West estate, with no career to speak of, except that of a waitress to the tourists, despite her numerous and varied college courses. She doesn't have much to brag about except her willingness to slip into a tub full of blue Jell-o for the sake of art. It would be a grand life if she was the beach bunny type, but she wasn't. She wanted to have something in her life that made her excited to get up in the mornings, some anticipation of surprise, or adventure. Something that said she mattered on the planet. She wanted to figure out a way to save the world, but she was still pondering on that one, because she felt saving one person or animal at a time was not very efficient. Her boyfriend Thomas, who is living in her family's guesthouse, only has one distinct advantage over a lot of men she knew- he is there.

Delilah's mother finds some information about her biological mother and wants Delilah to go to upstate New York and check out the eighty-one-year old Carla Diamond who apparently had trained tigers and horses in a circus. Not really wanting to go back to where her heart had been broken by her cheating ex-fiance, Michael, she goes anyway, because as usual when her family wants any of the unpleasant situations taken care of they turn to her. After all, she is not working with her mother in her many social crusades from feed the hungry to clothe the naked.


Carla is a crusty, stubborn and outspoken woman, but in her own unique way, very caring to her circus friends and her neighbors. She and Delilah don't hit it off all that well in the beginning. They are a lot alike in many ways and Carla wants to try to save her from the same mistakes she made with her life. She starts meddling in Delilah's love life. Delilah begins seeing Michael again. Carla considers Michael a throw away man- use them for a while and then throw them away. Carla has someone picked out for Delilah and throws them together at every chance.


Jack has been helping Carla with repairs to her dilapidated farmhouse and is completely drawn to Delilah, even though; through a comical misunderstanding he thinks she is a lesbian. Delilah now has three men to juggle. What will she do?  Will she finally understand her own unique place in all the confusion?


Barbara Chepaitis' book SOMETHING UNPREDICTABLE is the closest thing that I have read lately, which I can honestly say is the absolute best book I have read in years. This author writes about ordinary people in such a way that you are sure that you know them already, as your friends, you have been with them the entire time, and you are living their story with them; with their quirks and oddities known and accepted as normal. I am absolutely amazed that I had not heard of this author before. I kept thinking, as I'm reading - all through the night - she writes with the same ease and the amazing ability to make even the most mundane subject interesting that Lucy Maude Montgomery and Laura Ingalls Wilder had. (My absolute most favorite books of all time that lured me into the world of reading.) This is a God-given talent and cannot be taught.


SOMETHING UNPREDICTABLE is a story of a woman realizing her own self worth in the whole scheme of life by getting in touch with her connection to nature, her roots and her growth as she makes mistakes and continues to learn, until she can finally be the woman she was always meant to be. All the characters in this book are familiar to us, even if they appear a bit different in appearance. They are multi-dimensional and each one is equally fascinating and come alive within the pages of this novel. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a superbly well-written book. This book will have a place on my bookshelf to be read and reread numerous times.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sandra Tibbetts

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