Something to Talk About

Author: Violet Summers

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Release Date: December 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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When Miranda finds her current boyfriend in a bar snuggled up to another woman, she has had enough.  Armed with a baseball bat she sets out to show her good for nothing now EX boyfriend that she isn’t taking his infidelity sitting down.  When the law is called to come and break up the disturbance, Sheriff Jon Denton shows up and diffuses the situation.  With Randy Lee’s ex out for blood, Jon does the only thing he can think of to calm Randy Lee and keep her safe at the same time – he takes her to his home where his lover Wyatt is anxiously awaiting their arrival.  Now that they have Randy Lee exactly where they want her, time is of the essence to convince her to take a chance on not just one man, but two.

Randy Lee knows that she is once more the object of pity.  When will she ever learn to trust her instincts where men are concerned?  It’s bad enough that she saw Billy’s blatant cheating, it’s another to know that pretty much the entire town knew what he was doing – Wyatt and Jon included.  The thought that these two men knew her ultimate embarrassment is bad enough – they have NO idea the illicit thoughts and yearning hidden deep in her heart.  If only she could forget about what others will say – but she can’t, and so she runs.  Each day away from her cop and her cowboy breaks her heart a little bit more, but she just can’t take a chance on being the subject of gossip and lies ever again.  Or can she? Her feelings change in an instant when one of her men needs her – will she be able to overcome her trepidation? 


Having been talked about by the gossips of her small town her entire life, Randy Lee Jenkins knows that to follow her heart will lead to heartbreak.  So she does what she thinks is best – she leaves, but in doing so leaves the two men she loves the most behind.  I can’t fault her for her decision but hated that it was one she had to make.  Jon and Wyatt, while devastated, still have each other and their relationship remains solid – if somewhat empty – without Randy Lee.  However, as I hoped and prayed for, Jon and Wyatt soon had enough, and so they set out to woo and win their lady.  It was enough to make me melt into a puddle of goo. 


I absolutely adore Violet Summers’ books.  I engulf them and savor them and reread them.  SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT is such a book.  Simply electrifying in its intensity, SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT will leave you sweating, aching, and yearning for the type of love shared by the main characters.  At least for me – don’t tell my husband, ‘K?


SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT is not to be missed – it is heady, thought provoking, and simply sexy.  I loved every single word. 


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natalie

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