Something to Talk About
By Cat Cody
Jul 1, 2008 - 5:34:30 AM

Single mom Amanda Emory jumped at the chance to leave her life in California and move her family to the heart of horse country in Kentucky. After her husband was shot in the line of duty, the brother of the gang member he killed vowed revenge. He’d never find her in the sleepy town of Twisted River, Kentucky. Now, if only she could get her oldest son to stop trying to set her up with Robbie Preston, the son of her employer at Quest Stables.

Robbie Preston knew the minute he laid eyes on Amanda that he wanted her. Five minutes after meeting her, he knew he’d have a fight on his hands if he was to break through the walls she’d built around her heart. A part of him had to wonder if it was fair to deliberately pursue her when his future was so up in the air. After being passed over for the head trainer job, he knew his father didn’t have any confidence in his ability to train a winning horse. Maybe it was time to move on to a different operation where the owner wouldn’t hold his youthful mistakes against him?


As Amanda and Robbie dance around their attraction to one another, a newly released convict is stalking Amanda. How can she drag Robbie into the danger that her late husband put her in? But how can she say no when his every touch sets her aflame? Her heart could be in as much danger as her life.


Joanne Rock will definitely give you SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT with this fantastic book. The family dynamics are so familiar, you’d swear she’d taken a look inside your own home a time or two. The hint of danger adds extra spice to the sizzling romance blooming between Robbie and Amanda and will keep you turning the pages to read more. The perfect beach read, this book will have you laughing, squirming, and sighing in bliss. Enjoy!

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