Sometimes Naughty, Sometimes Nice
By Angel
Sep 7, 2004 - 6:43:00 PM

Xandra has dated many men and has come to the conclusion that they are good for only one thing, sex.  She creates erotic toys for a living and she knows that there isn't much that can beat a good toy.  She has invented a new toy and needs to test it out and she has the perfect subject in mind, bad boy Beau.

Beau used to be the towns bad boy, but now he's a serious businessman who's started his own company.  He can't believe that Xandra is turning up the seduction, especially after he messed up so many years ago.  This may be the perfect opportunity to show her just how good he can be.


SOMETIMES NAUGHTY, SOMETIMES NICE is just that!  The book takes you on a roller coaster ride of passion, desire and seduction.  Beau and Xandra have two strong wills that constantly collide in sometimes good and sometimes bad ways.  Xandra is a woman who's doing it for herself and doesn't need a man for anything, or so she thinks.  Beau is the bad boy gone good who is out to convince her that not all men are useless.  Together they make a dynamite couple and an excellent match.

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