Somewhere Along the Way
By Lynn Reynolds
Dec 1, 2010 - 8:53:14 AM

In WELCOME TO HARMONY, Jodi Thomas introduced Reagan, a teenage runaway who’d been mistreated or neglected most of her life. Making her way to Harmony, Reagan was taken in by grouchy old loner, Jeremiah Truman. The crusty old man claimed her as his “niece” and took her into his home.


Now eighteen, Reagan is working at the Blue Moon Diner. She befriends Gabe Leary, a mysterious stranger who comes to her rescue when a dangerously obsessed diner patron threatens Reagan’s life. To Reagan, Gabe is like the big brother she never had – her guardian angel.

Gabe Leary fled his own abusive past to become a soldier and a hero. Serving under an assumed name, he witnessed something he shouldn’t have seen and was badly wounded. Although Harmony holds no fond memories for him, Gabe figures it’s the last place anyone will look for him. There he tries to create a life of isolation and seclusion. But despite his best efforts at being a hermit, two women draw him back into the real world. One is teenager Reagan Truman. The other is sexy young attorney Liz Matheson. When Gabe’s past comes back to haunt him, it threatens his new life and his newfound loved ones.

SOMEWHERE ALONG THE WAY is a touching contemporary fiction tale about the colorful residents of Harmony, Texas. From Reagan and Gabe to secondary characters like the sassy bed-and-breakfast owner Martha Q, Ms. Thomas has created a vivid tapestry of small-town relationships. Her tales of Harmony, Texas abound in humor, warmth and optimism. Curl up with a cup of coffee and this book on a chilly winter day and you’ll feel warm and fuzzy all over!

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