Son of Texas
By Natasha Smith
Aug 7, 2006 - 8:03:00 PM

Shot and left without her memory, Belle Doe is a survivor.  Months of therapy have focused on her remembering life prior to being shot.  Belle is slowly making progress but she can't recall her assailant.  Thankfully she has Caleb around.  He has been her friend and confidant through her whole ordeal and she finds that she cares deeply for him.  Belle knows that they can never be more than friends until she regains her memory.

Caleb McCain knows that the time will come when Belle will remember her real name.  He also knows that when it happens he will have to back away and let her grasp her old life.  He doesn't know how he will be able to let her go, but he will.  His job pretty much demands it.

Belle begins to remember bits and pieces of her life, including her name.  She is no closer to knowing who hurt her but every day she recollects more, including a fiancĂ©.  With that in mind, Belle knows she has to face her fears head on and go back to her hometown. 

SON OF TEXAS by Linda Warren made me feel warm inside because of its nurturing aspect.  I felt Caleb's pain at the thought of losing the woman he has come to care so much about.  Belle's pain was just as heartrending because she cared so much for Caleb and did not want to hurt him.  All in all, a poignant, gentle, enjoyable afternoon read.

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