Sons of Solaris: Taurus
By Cy
Jun 25, 2004 - 12:56:00 PM

Tristan knew if the prophecy were true then either Cara would be his again, or perhaps he was wrong and she wasn't his true mate.  Could his reaction to Cara not be genuine?  Especially when every time Brandy touches him, he feels a shock of energy radiating from her skin.  It has been too long since he has been with someone, maybe the prophecy was wrong.

With Cara hiding in Reno, fate brings the couple together again when Tristan comes into town for an art deal.  As he walks through the strip club he is stopped in his tracks when he sees a woman who resembles Cara…but it couldn't be.  The following night he returns to find Cara dancing.  Excitement and confusion absorbed him.  Why was she doing this when she is capable of so much more?  And if she isn't meant to be with him, why has fate brought them together yet again?




Jodi Lynn Copeland weaves love and affection into her characters while telling a deeper and more complex story.  SONS OF SOLARIS: TAURUS gives readers a reason to believe in true love, and also takes us on a roller coaster of events that hold the answer Tristan is seeking.

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