Sophie’s Secret

Author: Michelle Cary

Publisher: Loose Id

Release Date: November 10, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Sophie Green isn’t asking much from the men she dates – potential husband and father material, a little adventurous in the bedroom and faithfulness.  Unfortunately that seems to be asking too much because once again she’s been dumped.  She assumes that she’s doing something wrong and turns to her friend and roommate Logan. 

Logan Rutledge never allows himself to get too serious with any woman.  His health issues have him convinced that he’d never make any woman a good husband and certainly wouldn’t be able to be the sort of father he’d want to be.  He adores women and has more than his fair share of dates but is very cautious to keep any of them from getting too serious. 


Sophie confides to Logan about her disastrous evening with her latest boyfriend and during the course of their conversation drops the bomb – she believes the problem is entirely her fault.  That’s the only conclusion that makes sense – she’s not ugly so it must be that she’s just bad at sex.  Logan hasn’t the foggiest clue how to handle this situation.  He’s been in lust with Sophie since high school but made a promise to her brother, his best friend, to keep his hands off her.  The situation gets even more out of hand when she turns the tables on him and asks him why he’s never put the moves on her.  After hearing his response she tells him that ‘a night of tawdry sex wouldn’t have been out of the question’ leaving Logan with that very thought planted in his mind for several days.


When Logan overhears a conversation between Sophie and her friend Kara his instincts go into overdrive.  Sophie’s convinced she has to chose between being adventurous in the bedroom and a good father and husband because she hasn’t come across a man yet who could do both.  Her solution to the whole dilemma is to hire a service for one night of no holds barred sex and surely that will get it out of her system.  Then she can concentrate on finding a man to settle down with and live with a boring sex life.  No way is Logan going to allow her to have the sort of sex she’s talking about with an unknown man – he volunteers for the job.  He’ll fulfill all of her sexual fantasies with the understanding that her brother will never find out about their torrid weekend rendezvous.  The only trouble is that some of Sophie’s sexual interests aren’t things that Logan has any experience with – for those he’ll bring in his friend Reese.  It’ll be a weekend none of them will ever forget.


SOPHIE’S SECRET intrigued me on many levels but I was especially interested in this storyline because of Logan’s struggle with diabetes and how he chooses to deal with it.  Sophie’s desire to ‘have it all’ as far as sexual satisfaction in the bedroom and a responsible husband/father wrapped up in one man is a plight I think many women can relate with.  Sophie and Logan seem like such close friends that it’s hard to imagine either of them with anyone else and I loved delving into their turmoil as their relationship goes from friends to lovers.  Michelle Cary tells this story with great sensitivity and a lot of insight into the characters’ feelings and thoughts which makes it a pleasurable read.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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