Soulful Sex

Author: Diana Laurence

Publisher: Living Beyond Reality Press

Release Date: February 19, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3


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Eliza has fallen head over heals for Anders, a vampire. He has no intention of drinking from her, or ever harming her. Yet his honorable intentions are put aside when she offers to help him, thus acquainting herself with the darkness that is inside of him. After this introduction, she experiences a change that isn't exactly for the better.



Anne is lost in the Alps , having given up hope of being found, and very near death. Jacob, an engineer that spends his summers in the mountains, finds her and nurses her back to health. Naturally, she falls in love with her rescuer, and tries to convince him to give in to the feelings raging between them. Noble man that he is though, he resists until he can resist no more, until it is nature itself that makes a decision for the both of them.




Abigail is a cook at King's Archers, a training camp. She unintentionally falls for William, and all of his charms. Thanks to William and a little bit of magic, Abigail is soon put under a spell that there is no hope of being released from!




What happens when two co-workers decide to give in to the lust and the unrequited feelings that have been raging between them for quite some time? Can office passion turn into after hours love?




Nicolae is a magician who has been hired to perform tricks at Robin's thirtieth birthday party. Robin is immediately enthralled with his magic, and the tricks that he performs. Is his magic real? Or is it all just an act?




Princess Mallorie is the epitome of sweetness and light. However, at her birth, there was a curse placed upon her that she would know no good, until she knew evil. No one dares to marry a cursed Princess, except the Dark Prince Lucian. Their union will begin a battle between good and evil that will change everything.


SOULFUL SEX is a collection of short stories that prove that sex is more than a physical act, but touches the soul as well. Each story is unique in the telling, and includes romance, love, and passion. There is a story in this collection that will appeal to every reader, no matter what your taste. Pints is a vampire tale, that has a unique twist to it. Between Earth and Sky is your classic rescue story, with a hero that doesn't want to take advantage of the poor female that he rescued, yet it's taken out of his hands, and he is forced to recognize the feelings that they share. Abigail's Archer is a romantic, magical story. Office Mating was my favorite. It is a present day romance that takes place between two co-workers that have been fighting their feelings for each other. When circumstances put them in close quarters, after hours, things heat up. Real Magic is a bewitching tale of a true magician and the woman that he ensnares with his magic. Finally, The Dark Prince is a twist on the classic fairy tale. This young Princess is forced to marry a Dark Prince because of a curse placed on her as a child. This marriage causes a battle to ensue between good and evil, resulting in a conflict that changes everything.  Complete with a wide array of characters, Ms. Lawrence pens touching, passion filled tales of lust, love and romance.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Ansley

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