South Beach Chicas Catch Their Man
By Lucia Nelson
Sep 2, 2007 - 9:05:30 AM

Sylvia Amenabar doesn’t want to fall in love. It isn’t that her sort-of boyfriend Carlos isn’t sexy, good in bed, and heroic to boot—it’s that her relationship with her absentee father Pablo has left her with a bad feeling about romance. Pablo and Virginia, Sylvia’s mother, had a passionate affair, but then things fizzled and he left, leaving Virginia to raise Sylvia on her own.

When Sylvia gets a tip that Carlos may not be everything that he seems to be, she immediately starts to investigate. Sylvia’s chicas—her best friends Juliana, Adriana, and Tori—along with her young-at-heart (and still sexy) mother give Sylvia their best advice, but an investigative reporter always wants to find information first-hand. She learns that Carlos, a detective with the Miami PD, was involved in a shooting in which one of his partners was killed. The details are sketchy, but there are some who believe that Carlos is crooked and caused his partner’s death. Sylvia sees the opportunity to find out the truth about Carlos and to write an investigative story for her newspaper that will hopefully get her off the South Beach party beat for good.

In the meantime, Sylvia’s dad is back, and he’s dating her mother! Could this be true love for both Sylvia and Virginia, or are the men in their lives too good to be true?

SOUTH BEACH CHICAS CATCH THEIR MAN is a clever, fast-paced story. Sylvia is an intelligent, hard-working woman whose sexy looks sometimes keep her from being taken seriously, but her ambition makes her a standout character. She will stop at nothing to find out what really happened to Carlos’s partner, even if it means jeopardizing their relationship.

Sylvia’s relationship with her mother was the highlight of the book for me. The two women have a deep understanding of each other and an intense bond of friendship, and each wants to stop the other from getting hurt. Like her mother, Sylvia feels a pull towards her father. He’s a very charismatic man who charms every woman he meets, but he has finally matured enough to realize that he’s missing out on having a family.

It’s obvious that Ms. Pineiro has a great love of South Beach, since Miami is almost its own character in the book. This is her third story about the chicas, and it left me wondering if she’s planning a fourth! The ending seems to be open to a sequel, and I’d love to know what comes next for Sylvia and her friends.

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