Southern Comfort

Author: Karen Kelley

Publisher: Brava

Release Date: August 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Fallon Hargis, DEA agent, is in a world of trouble, and only half of it has to do with being shot in a bust gone bad.  She's been trying to nail Cavenaugh for years, and just when she has enough evidence to send him away for a long time, a traitor blows her cover.  Running from her captors after getting shot in the side, Fallon barges into Wade Tanner's hotel room and orders him to strip and get into bed.  There's more than one way to hide undercover.

Wade Tanner had had enough of city life and is looking forward to going back to his quiet hometown when he is suddenly knocked from behind and told to get naked.  He grudgingly agrees to do as he's told, but waits for his time to get even.  Little does he know that getting back into bed with Fallon is going to be his newest obsession.


Back in Wade's sleepy town of Two Creeks, Fallon hides out and tries to heal her wounded body.  The only problem is that her heart is the next thing in danger of being hurt.  Can she keep her emotions under control long enough to find out where Cavenaugh is hiding and get out, or will Wade's quiet patience wear down years of hurts and betrayals?  Will either of them live long enough to find out what might be possible between them?


Karen Kelley writes an edge of your seat thriller that is sure to keep you hooked all the way through.  The twists and turns in this story will keep you guessing until the very end of the book, while the sensual love scenes will keep you plenty warm while you turn those pages.  Grab a cool drink and keep the lights on when you read this one!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Cat Cody

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