Southern Exposure
By BJ Deese
Mar 1, 2005 - 4:08:00 AM

***image2***It's Jody Dupree's birthday, and she's getting one fantastic birthday surprise.  Her best friend takes her to a strip club.  Logan Hart, the first act of the evening, is one very sexy stripper.  Jody immediately feels a strong connection to him.  Jody can sometimes sense what will happen in the future through visions.  She also knows when a person will become an important part of her life.  After Logan's very arousing act, he asks her to meet him out back.

Logan Hart is a newspaper columnist, and he's doing a one-time strip act because of a bet he made.  He's completely nervous about being almost naked on the stage, but when he sees the woman out front, the crowd disappears from his vision.  It's a sensual world where only the beautiful woman exists.  Soon, that's exactly what it is.  They meet up after the show for an unforgettable night of passion.  Jody slips into the night before she can learn anything about her stripper.  She can't afford to have any emotional entanglements.


Jody works with the police department in New Orleans, and her best friend, Andrea, is a dispatcher.  Andrea knows that Jody can't get her stripper out of her mind.  For Jody, there are more important things to do, like keeping the bad guys off the streets.  Shortly, Jody learns that she is being assigned to escort a reporter around for a month.  He's doing a series of articles, and Jody's boss wants the police station to get a good rap.  She gets the shock of her life when she finds out Logan Hart, the stripper, is the reporter.


Logan is determined to learn more about Jody and her mysterious past.  After doing a little research, he finds out that her father was murdered, and her sister went missing after the murder.  Jody was almost killed that night, and the murderer went free.  Soon the past begins to catch up to the present, and danger is hot on the heels of Jody and Logan.  Will this hero and heroine be given the opportunity to discover the depth of their love for each other, or will a mad man meet his mark? 


Jody Dupree is an amazing heroine.  When she meets Logan for the first time, it is under very erotic circumstances.  Her desire for him is almost palpable, and she doesn't play around pretending she doesn't want this hot hunk.  I think this gets down to the heart of the matter in what women fantasize about and what they really want:  to be brave, bold and beautiful, just like Jody Dupree.  She's a woman who hasn't let the tragedy of her past stand in the way of what she most desires.


Logan Hart is, by far, one of my favorite heroes.  I really loved the fact that he was open and honest with Jody the entire time.  He didn't try to hide his work from her, and he let her know from the start what his motives were.  That was completely wonderful to see in a hero.  Usually you have a hero or heroine who is hiding some big deception, which causes major problems.  But, the hero of SOUTHERN EXPOSURE was not only supremely sexy, but honest as well.  What more can you ask for in an unforgettable hero?


Karen Kelley's writing is powerful, provocative & pure pleasure.  SOUTHERN EXPOSURE has an opening that will knock your socks off.  It's one that draws on women's fantasies, and it immediately pulled me into the world of Jody and Logan.  I hated to leave for anything.  The characters are emotional, fascinating, and certainly sexy.  And the plot is one any author will wish they had thought of first.  I totally love everything about this book.  It is a great excitement to find an author with Karen Kelley's extraordinary talent.  I was completely captivated the entire length of this fast-paced, sexy story.  SOUTHERN EXPOSURE has the perfect combination of romance, intrigue and action.  Simply put, SOUTHERN EXPOSURE is brilliant!

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