Southern Man
By Audrey Johnson
May 11, 2010 - 11:57:59 AM

When Troy and Patty met, she was still in high school and he in college. Their fairytale, whirlwind romance adhered to their religious and personal morals, both of which continued into their marriage. One night, though, Troy has too much to drink and the consequences of his actions on the family are devastating. In the aftermath, Troy leaves his family to make sense of the direction he has led his life. Patty, too, must determine whether she thinks Troy will every again be the husband and father he once was. Then, just when it seems the family’s relationship is back on track, Troy is accused of sexually harassing a coworker. Patty and Troy must weather the horrific accusations together and once again ride through a tumultuous time in their marriage.

Brooke Emerson has a penchant for married men. In fact, the better the husband and father a man seems to be, the more she cannot resist. From the minute she walks into her new job, she spots Troy and becomes determined to make him her man, regardless of his being married. Brooke follows Troy and his family everywhere possible, and when that doesn’t get her what she wants, she resorts to accusations of sexual harassment. 


SOUTHERN MAN is the story of an upright man and the difficulties he faces in being the best husband, father, employee and community member he can be. Patty and Troy’s struggles in their relationship are familiar but heart-wrenching ones. Brooke is a suspicious character from the beginning, and as she becomes more and more devious, the reader cannot help but develop a hatred for her and her behavior. Chastain delivers a sweet, gentle read that includes many of the daily struggles of married, southern couples.

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