Southern Spirits

Author: Edie Bingham

Publisher: Black Lace

Release Date: August 5, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Federal Agent Catalina “Cat” Montoya is on her first undercover investigation. Sent to expose Jack Wheeler for the scam artist she suspects him to be, Cat is nonplussed to find her former lover, Special Agent Nathan Ames, also assigned to the case. In the course of their investigation, Cat and Nathan pose as a couple on board the Silver Belle, an old train that hosts the Southern Spirit Tour—a trip through the haunted South that doubles as a venue for swingers and partners willing to engage in sexual exploration.

On board, Cat and Nathan discover that working with one another can be a real pleasure, especially when sex is involved. In the course of their investigation, they indulge in carnal pleasures with each other and several passengers, who are also on board to relax, in more ways than one. But the tour is more than just a mission or pleasure ride, as Cat soon comes to find when spirits of the past take on a life of their own.

SOUTHERN SPIRITS is a rousing tale of passion, greed and ghosts skillfully woven into an intricate story. Edie Bingham creates multifaceted characters with depth. Cat has a history of loving and leaving men who disappoint her, and her interactions with Nathan show a woman growing and maturing into a real relationship. Though it is based on sex, Cat develops a realistic level of trust that makes you root for this couple.

The sex scenes are graphic and not for the faint of heart, as is every Black Lace novel. That said, Ms. Bingham crafts believable and alluring sensual tension. More than just showcasing physical interaction, the author skillfully intertwines sensations and movements in harmony.

Ms. Bingham moves the plot with wonderful pacing, incredibly hot sex scenes, and a captivating melding of past and present. For a carnal delight sure to rev your own engines, give SOUTHERN SPIRITS a try. I guarantee you’ll be pleased with results.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: SJ

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