Southern Submissives: Katie
By Natasha Smith
Mar 5, 2007 - 10:28:00 AM

Katie is tired of her hum-drum and thoroughly boring life.  Yearning for a man to fulfill the fantasies hidden deep in her heart, Katie doesn’t think her wish will ever come true.  Her fortune may be changing when her best friend gifts her with the trip of a lifetime – a week at an exclusive fantasy resort, Utopia.  Optimistic that she will find the right man for her, Katie doesn’t hesitate to pack and is soon on her way. 

Richard Malloy never mixes business with pleasure.  Never.  Evidently he hasn’t been intrigued enough, because as soon as Katie walks into the lobby of his hotel, he knows that he is about to break his number one rule. 


Katie and Rick spend a week unlike any other.  Laughing, playing, loving.  It is Katie’s submissive wishes come to life.  There is just a bit of a problem.  She finds out that her master, Rick, hasn’t been truthful with her and she is hurt beyond anything she ever imagined.  When she leaves Utopia, will Rick find her or was she just another submissive in a long line of many?   


I have been waiting on the release of KATIE since I read Dominique Adair’s Holly.  There was nothing about this book that I didn’t like. It was sensual and full of passion.  It was tender and made me yearn.  At times, it overwhelmed me with its poignancy.  I could see Katie’s tender feelings just below the surface and could sense how vulnerable she was.  I felt how Rick was suddenly and totally enamored with Katie and his inability to let her go.  


KATIE is book two of the Southern Submissives series and is the perfect follow up to HOLLY, Southern Submissives book one.  Even if D/s is not a reader’s genre of choice, they would be hard pressed not to enjoy this love story.  I found it emotionally satisfying and can’t wait to read it again. 

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