By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 16, 2008 - 1:49:43 PM

Meg Powell appears to have the perfect life, successful career, beautiful home and family but it all stems from a lie and her desire to save her family’s farm from foreclosure.  She was raised in a small community and from an early age, Meg and Carson were inseparable and expected to marry but when she was confronted with a marriage proposal that would wipe out her parents’ debt, she accepted - and gave up the love of her life.

Carson McKay has become a renowned singer and tried moving on with his life after Meg married another man.  He’s even become engaged to a professional surfer but he isn’t ‘in love’ with her.  He’s traveled the world but without Meg, none of the places have had the sort of ambience he’d dreamed of experiencing.  Now seventeen years later, Meg reenters his life and he’s forced to face the fact that he never wants to let her go.


Meg and Brian’s marriage has never been a love match.  Even now they’re practically strangers living in the same house.  Brian’s often oblivious to what’s going on in his own home.  The household worries and raising Savannah has fallen to Meg and the routine is beginning to wear on her.  Her father mentions that he knows that she’s not happy and should move on while she’s still young enough to do so.  She’s got responsibilities and a well established life, changing all that now isn’t something she’s willing to consider.  A shocking medical diagnosis and the knowledge that whatever time she has left is very precious leads her to reevaluating her priorities.  She’s determined to spend time with the loved ones she treasures and explains to Carson why she left him to marry Brian.


I can’t even begin to tell you how much of an impact this book had on me.  Emotionally I felt both drained and renewed by the time I finished reading - not to mention the puffy eyes from crying my way through some of the scenes.  SOUVENIR is Therese Fowler’s debut novel and I have to admit I’m amazed by the pure love and devotion that pours through the pages through Meg’s acceptance and courage in the face of a devastating disease.  Ms. Fowler brings this story to life so that you take these characters into your heart and each event that impacts any of their lives seems very personal to you.  SOUVENIR is a book to be treasured and I know I won’t ever forget the lovingly powerful storyline that completely captivated me through every page.  If you’re looking for a powerful storyline that will have you rethinking your life choices and questioning what you’d do if you were in Meg’s position then SOUVENIR is a book you’ll definitely want to be sure to read.

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