Spanking Sara
By Cheryl McInnis
Jul 1, 2009 - 7:08:20 AM

After divorcing husband number four, Sara Foster has decided to swear off relationships for good, despite her friend Tara’s efforts to set her up with “the perfect guy.”  A traumatic incident in her past has made her wary of love, and she has the track record to prove it.  Thinking that all she needs is a one night stand every once in a awhile, Sara vows that from now on she’ll be in control…in the bedroom and out.

Brendan Morgan is tired of the goody-two shoes, snobby women that his mother has been trying to match him up with.  As a much sought after and wealthy bachelor, Brendan has no problems finding dates. However, an erotic encounter with a couple named Tara and Ayden, a few months ago, has opened Brendan’s eyes to the dark and gritty desires that he carries inside, and he’s searching for a woman who can embrace that part of him and give him total control over her body and pleasure.

When Sara and Brendan meet at Tara’s wedding, courtesy of Tara...the sparks immediately fly.  Brendan recognizes that Sara is a woman who could keep up with him in the bedroom, and Sara thinks Brendan is a good candidate for a hot and wild fling.  After spending a little time together though, Brendan and Sara each realize that the other is not what they were expecting; Brendan wants Sara to give in to her desires and allow him to possess her, body and soul.  Sara is shocked by Brendan’s kinky side, and her reaction to it, and she’s unnerved by his previous relationship with Tara and Ayden.  Most of all, Sara is scared of how much she really wants to be with Brendan, and by the fact that, despite her vow to give up relationships, she just doesn’t want to let him go.  As for Brendan, he’s decided that, despite the fact that Sara isn’t perfect, she is perfect for him.  Now he just has to convince her to give him a chance to prove it.

SPANKING SARA is another hot and sexy offering from author Alyssa Brooks.  Picking up from where TAKING TARA left off, SPANKING SARA continues the story of Brendan, the handsome lawyer who played a huge part, pun intended, in Tara and Ayden’s journey into love and this story is every bit as sweet and saucy.  I really enjoyed how Sara and Brendan’s relationship evolved from purely physical chemistry into something truly beautiful.  I also liked the fact that both characters’ points of view were featured equally throughout.  I found SPANKING SARA to be a very enjoyable and satisfying read, one that I’m sure I will read over again when I’m in the mood for something steamy and fun.

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