Romentics: Spare Parts
By Lacey
Feb 11, 2008 - 1:52:38 PM

Dan leads a lonely life. He’s a successful mechanic, owning several chain garages around town, but he has no one to share his life with. That is until he meets Trent .


Trent is a struggling photographer that poses as a prostitute to make some money to pay the bills. After a few drinks he meets a man named Dan and obliges him as a client. Little did he know his first client would be a blast from his past.

Dan knows exactly who Trent is and is willing to help him out by offering him a job. But his own complications arise when a former friend threatens to shut down all that he’s worked so hard for by spreading stories about his sexual orientation. Each has his own secrets but these two men are about to find that a solid future is impossible when based on lies.

SPARE PARTS is an entertaining read. Conflict is woven flawlessly with passion, making the characters take life on the pages. The story pulled me in from the first page and I found myself lost in Dan and Trent’s world until the last.

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