Special Delivery
By Dina Smith
Feb 1, 2005 - 7:53:00 AM

April Thompkins loved adventure and was always looking to try something new and exciting. She wanted to try all different kinds of jobs before she settled on one career, her latest job was working as a bicycle courier in Seattle, Washington. When April delivers blueprints to Nielsen Development Corporation she meets Tyler Nielsen, the most rude and arrogant man she has ever met, so why is it she can't seem to get him off of her mind? April didn't have too long to think about Tyler before she is nearly run down and then kidnapped by two strange men.

Tyler admitted that he felt an odd attraction for the spunky courier, but he knew she was all wrong for him. Tyler wanted a woman who was ready to settle down, take care of him and raise a family, April was definitely not the type of woman he was looking for. April was just like Tyler's parent, always looking for adventure, until they were killed in a hiking accident when he was just a boy.


As soon as Tyler looked at the blueprints that April had delivered he knew something was not right. These were not the blueprints that he was expecting from Smith's Contracting Company, any building made from these plans would be unsafe. Tyler knew he had to find the courier and find out exactly who gave her these prints. Tyler pulled his car out onto the street just in time to see April being thrown into a black van. Tyler follows the van into a alley trying to save April, he ends up getting hit in the head and kidnapped as well. Now Tyler and April are stranded on a deserted Island in the middle of nowhere, with nobody to count on but each other. As the danger for the two grow so does their attraction for each other. Will Tyler learn to let go of his fears and take a chance on a real adventure before it is to late?


SPECIAL DELIVERY was a book I truly enjoyed reading. It was funny, sweet, suspenseful and a lot of fun to read. Tyler and April were well matched and the story just seemed to flow. If you are looking for a fun read with a lot of action you will love SPECIAL DELIVERY by Linda Wallace.

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