Special Delivery
By Tracy Marsac
Jan 1, 2006 - 8:34:00 AM

Tracey Marigold loves her job selling Magnifique cosmetics and is proud of the way her client base has grown over the past year. As you can imagine, Tracey is on friendly terms with the UPS man as she receives boxes of product every week. Her regular deliveryman, Sam, shows up and introduces her to his replacement, Carlos Garcia. Tracey experiences instant lust for Carlos. With his incredible good looks, muscular body, and delicious Spanish accent, he is definitely fantasy material. And fantasize she does until her pent up frustrations demand she do something about it. The flirting and hot glances from him give her the courage to make her move. However, Carlos has been having similar thoughts. When he shows up, he has a SPECIAL DELIVERY he’s been waiting all week to give her.

Marissa de A’mor brings readers a steamy novella bound to make every woman wish Carlos were their UPS man! Tracey’s never been hit with lust like this before and struggles with her attraction to Carlos before joyfully deciding to indulge herself. By the looks he’s been giving her, Tracey suspects she won’t meet with rejection. What turns her on more is the hint of bad boy she sees in his eyes and like most women, she’s a sucker for a bad boy. For a quick, red-hot romance, don’t miss SPECIAL DELIVERY!

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