Special Delivery
By Angel
Dec 29, 2007 - 11:41:00 AM

Layla Reynolds has always enjoyed the Christmas season, but since starting work at Director Enterprises hasn’t been able to have a real Christmas.  When she winds up at his house during a snow storm, Layla is certain that it will be another miserable Christmas.  Her boss, Preston however, isn’t feeling the holiday spirit.  Can Layla find a way to bring a little Christmas cheer into their snowbound world?

Preston Scott is CEO of Director Enterprises and Christmas is not his favorite holiday.  When his assistant Layla gets trapped at his house, he has no idea that she will try to change his attitude toward the holiday.  Preston finds that the more he gets to know Layla, the more he wants her.  Has Preston finally found the one woman who can change his Scrooge attitude.

SPECIAL DELIVERY is a wonderful story about two opposites attracting and setting off sparks in every way.  Preston has a chip on his shoulder about the holidays and it takes a charismatic woman like Layla to make him question why.  Layla is a dynamic character with plenty of spunk and wit to keep the story rolling.  When the sparks fly with this couple the fall out is nuclear.  Marie Rochelle is a spectacular author with a bright future.  I can’t wait to see what exciting adventure her next book will bring.

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