Special of the Day
By Dina Smith
Feb 1, 2005 - 11:28:00 PM

Roxanne Rayeaux was tired of getting by just on her looks. Being an ex swimsuit model did have its advantages though. She made enough money to go to school and learn to do what she really wanted, become a pastry chef and open up her own French restaurant.

Roxanne's life long dream was about to become a reality. She bought a restaurant that was failing, in Old Town Alexandria, and intended to turn it into a French Bistro with a world class chef and first class service. The only problem now was finding some employees who could give that first class service. Roxanne figured the best place to start was with the current employees of the restaurant that she bought, which included the sexy bartender Steve Serrano.

Steve didn't mind being a bartender, he met a lot of nice people and it paid the bills but few people knew what Steve's dream was. Steve loved history. He spent hours at The Library of Congress studying old letters and documents. His favorite thing to research was the history of the house that is now Roxanne's restaurant. The story is that Thomas Jefferson's cousin lived in that house and while he was there he hid a draft of The Declaration of Independence somewhere in the building.

Roxanne and Steve didn't exactly get off on the right foot with each other and it just seemed to go downhill from there. As much as Roxanne tried to tell herself that a relationship between her and Steve was a bad idea, she could not seem to get him off her mind or out of her dreams. Then when it seems Steve and Roxanne might finally take a chance on love, some suspicious break-ins at the Bistro leave Roxanne wondering if Steve just might be behind them. Will Steve's mysterious behavior and Roxanne's suspicions leave these two lovers on opposite sides of the bar or will they learn that sometimes people are not always what they seem?

Take one ex swimsuit model, add one incredibly sexy bartender, stir in one missing treasure, and enjoy. Those are the makings of SPECIAL OF THE DAY by Elaine Fox, and it is one book nobody should miss. SPECIAL OF THE DAY has everything you could want in a romance novel, humor, suspense, and characters that you will never forget. Elaine Fox is a talented writer that always leaves her readers smiling.

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