Spellbound: Magic & Mayhem

Author: Cathryn Fox & Sylvia Day

Publisher: Harper Collins

Release Date: July 24, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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MAGIC by Cathryn Fox

It’s a full moon, Halloween, and Brianna’s thirty-first birthday. According to legend all the elements necessary to conjure a spell are present and she’s sorely tempted to create a spell that will bring her a lover to satisfy her overactive libido. There’s just the little issue of creating such a spell that would be for her own needs instead of the benefit of mankind.

There’s nothing wrong with jotting down the words to an incantation - it won’t work until she sprinkles it with cat’s claw anyway. By the time she has it written out, she decides not to risk Council’s wrath. Brianna’s already angered them once when she endowed a hussy with lopsided boobs for flirting with her date. She’s heard the legends of Xander - the bad boy warlock had used magic for his own purposes and to teach him a lesson the council cast a spell on him and transformed him into a cat. Definitely not a risk Brianna wants to take.

The decision is taken out of her hands though when her pet cat Max pounces knocking off a whole vial of cat’s claw onto the parchment where Brianna had written the incantation. Will her spell work? Is there truly a man with the stamina of four? It’s a night of magical wonders and Brianna is in for a huge surprise when she meets the man of her dreams but why does he seem so familiar?


MAYHEM by Sylvia Day

Abigail Garvey is having trouble concentrating on anything except her next door neighbor Shane Markham. He’s constantly got a flock of women vying for his attention. They’ve lived next door to each other for five months and not once has he shown her anything more then neighborly courtesy. It’s time to accept that the country’s ‘Most Eligible Bachelor’ just isn’t interested in being with someone so ordinary.

Shane helps Abby set up her ‘witch smashing into a tree’ decoration and mentions that he’s seen her flyer and would like to stop by with a friend. Spending the evening lusting over him while he hangs out with a date is not her idea of a good time. To make matters worse he even offers to introduce her to some people.

Abby loves Halloween and enjoys throwing a costume party every year. Just because she’s recently moved from California to Massachusetts and has very few friends yet isn’t going to stop her from having a party this year. She’s posted flyers and is hopeful that will attract some partygoers. She just has to do is finish getting ready and set up. To complete her costume as a fortune teller she pays a visit to Conjure. It’s a specialty store where her friend Kayla works. All she wanted was a costume and some props for her stint as a fortune teller - she never anticipated leaving with a spell to make her most private longings for her neighbor a reality.


Cathryn Fox and Sylvia Day team up to tease and tantalize readers with these two intermingled stories. I’ve never read a book quite like this one but I loved the way the authors writing styles compliment each other throughout each chapter of this book. Written in a ‘round robin’ style, you’re treated to one chapter of each author’s story at a time and I found myself positively enthralled with the characters, the incantations, and the effect they have on everybody involved. Never mind the really hot sex that will have even the most discriminating reader salivating. SPELLBOUND: MAGIC & MAYHAM is a book I highly recommend.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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