Spin It Again
By Lacey
Aug 5, 2007 - 10:57:59 AM

Spin Devil: a silly little game known to cause trouble.


David Hawthorne knew all to well how much trouble the little game could cause. On a drunken night over a year ago, David cheated on his fiancé Evie while playing a “Truth or Dare” type of game, using a stuffed devil in place of a bottle. He has constantly begged for her forgiveness, but a year has passed, and his soul is slowly dying because Evie isn’t in his life.

Evie blames herself for David’s unfaithfulness. She’d been in their New York apartment planning their wedding while he went off to Florida and did God knows what with God knows who. Now she’s just trying to move on with her life, trying to get over the heartbreak that felt as if her very soul was ripped from her body. But then David walks back into her life, sees her with another man, and makes a huge scene in front of plenty.


SPIN IT AGAIN is a short, erotic tale of passion between a couple meant to be together. David and Evie’s relationship is tested with his mistake, but the couple finds haven the only place they ever really could; in each other’s arms. Ms. Garnier words dazzle as she exposes the provocative story of a couple overcoming a mistake. SPIN IT AGAIN is part of the “Devilish Games” series, and I must say this book isn’t one to miss. Thumbs up to Ms. Garnier for writing a highly stimulating tale straight from the heart. SPIN IT AGAIN is a definite keeper!  

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