Spin The Bottle

Author: Elizabeth Scott

Publisher: NAL

Release Date: October 2, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Rena is a wife and CEO of a company.   She works hard at her job and wants the respect of a male dominated work force.   Nevertheless, things are getting tough for her to handle and she is ready to give it all up.   While at home one night, Rena admits to her husband, Paul, that she wants him to handle everything for a little while.   Only Rena had forgotten about telling her husband about her secret fantasy of being dominated.   Will Rena be able to relinquish complete control to her husband and allow him to completely dominate her?    



Paul is a husband and a successful operation manager of a major company.   He loves his wife very much and is still in shock over the confession of her secret fantasy.  The idea of dominating his wife has controlled his thoughts and increased his ardor for her.   When Rena asks him to take care of everything, he realizes that he needs to fulfill her fantasy.   Will Paul lose all control over dominating his wife and lose the only woman who has captured his heart?   Or will his domination increase his love and fervor for her?


Within the pages of MASTER OF THE HOUSE, Elizabeth Scott pens a hot tale of erotic passion between a husband and wife that will singe your fingertips while turning the pages.   Be prepared to grab ice cubes and the fan while reading this extremely sensual tale.   Rhea and Paul are both powerful characters that you can not help but adore.   They have a great sense of humor and their love is unwavering.   The plot is intense and the imagery is vivid.



Jackie is a social worker.   She has remarried her true love and is worried about their tentative marriage after the first disastrous time.   Jackie does not believe she is very desirable because of her curvy figure.   She loves Rod with all of her heart, but is shocked by his confession of his secret fantasy.   Jackie is determined to keep their sex life fresh and believes fulfilling his fantasy will only strengthen their love.   Will Jackie be able to fulfill her husband’s secret desire without causing heart break?   Or will their fantasy strengthen her love for him even more?


Rod is a police officer.   He loves his wife with his whole being and can not believe he was given a second chance.   He is determined to not let his jealousy ruin his marriage.   When he confesses his darkest desire of having sex with different women, he believes he has hurt his wife deeply.   Rod is completely taken by surprise when Jackie suggests that they play out his secret fantasy.   But he is also strong-minded in convincing Jackie that she is a desirable woman that other men want.   Will Rod be able to convince his wife that he loves only her by playing out his fantasy?   Or will his fantasy cause a riff between them that might not be able to be mended?


Within the pages of YOUR PLACE OR MINE, you will meet two charismatic characters woven into a highly sensual tale that will leave you breathless.   The descriptive imagery is so real in this corporeal tale that you will feel like you are being transported to the story and experiencing the sensations of the characters.   Rod and Jackie are definitely two kindred spirits destined to be together.   I really loved their bantering and willingness to make each others dreams come true.  



Charmaine manages a sophisticated store in the mall.   She is tall, statuesque and model material.   She loves her husband with her whole heart.   When it was her turn to tell Ed her secret fantasy, she found she could not tell him the real one, and tells him she wants to be a sex goddess instead.   Will Charmaine finally tell Ed of her real fantasy?   Or will her inner sex goddess prevent her from ruining a perfect sex life?


Ed is an accountant and has just lost his favorite uncle.   He is distressed over the loss and has to handle the estate.   He promises Charmaine that if she helps him clean out the office, he will take her on a weekend trip to a bed and breakfast.   But what his wife does not know is that he has decided to make her fantasy come true.   Ed was not prepared for the powerful burning that her fantasy fills him.   Will Ed be able to fulfill Charmaine’s most secret desire?   Or will her true fantasy cause him to stumble and douse the fire within him?


Within the pages of DOCTOR, DOCTOR you will find two opposite people who love each other deeply.   This tale is exceptionally lusty with a beautiful love story.   Charmaine and Rod are magnetic characters who draw you in immediately from the first page.   I laughed at the witty bantering and cried at the end.  


SPIN THE BOTTLE is an extraordinary novel of three couples who decide to play SPIN THE BOTTLE on a rainy day.   Elizabeth Scott pens one of the hottest and beautifully written erotic tales I have had the pleasure of reading.   I can tell you it is hot, hot, hot!   All the characters are loveable and entwined into wonderful plots that grab a reader right away.   I look forward to reading more of Ms. Scott’s lusty tales.






By Romance Junkies Reviewer: billie jo

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