By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 10, 2009 - 7:57:30 AM

Despite the ten years Rem Bradley has spent away from his family’s ranch his biggest regrets are leaving behind Liv without any explanation and that nothing he’s ever done has made his father proud.  His father’s unexpected death brings about huge changes in his life.  He leaves the Marines and returns home intent on reclaiming the ranch and Liv – only he certainly never expected such drastic changes in Liv’s temperament.

Liv Carter has been running the ranch since Rem’s father’s death.  She fell in love with Rem when she was still in high school and was heartbroken when he left to join the military.  The last thing she needs is him returning home while she’s ranting at her brother over his decision to join the rodeo but his comment about her filthy language and his expectations definitely set the stage for more bad behavior than he would have ever expected.


Rem’s anticipation at arriving back at the beloved ranch and seeing ‘his’ Liv again is sorely put to the test by the loud argument going on inside the house.  While Liv’s brother Jeb is happy to see Rem, Liv tries to appear indifferent and really doesn’t have much to say to him in the few moments they’re together before she climbs into her truck and leaves to blow off steam.  What Rem is blissfully unaware of is that Liv has a unique way of venting her anger – one that won’t please him at all.  Worried about Liv when she fails to return home at a decent hour, Rem discovers that she’s hanging out at the roughest place in town, Stan’s Bar.  Ready to paddle her behind for even considering going into the bar Rem goes after her only to witness the little spitfire start a barroom brawl.  Oh yes, Liv has definitely changed but Rem is up to the challenge of providing her with a much more satisfying way of blowing off stress – and the barn where they’d shared their first kiss many years ago is the perfect place to reestablish their special relationship.


I got a huge kick out of Mari Carr’s SPITFIRE.  Liv is such a force to be reckoned with that you just never know what she’s going to do and since Rem hasn’t seen her in so long he’s completely stunned by the changes in her.  Rem’s need for his father to be proud of him really touched me and I felt bad for him that he’ll never get that chance for closure with his dad – and yet in a very sweet way Liv delivers a gift that shows how much his father loved him.  Rem and Liv make a wonderful couple.  She’s so wild and untamed and he’s reasonable and thoughtful so when reason doesn’t work then he has other sinfully delightful ideas on convincing her to see things his way.

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