Split Ends-Divine and Friends
By Sherri Myers
Jul 2, 2010 - 11:29:31 PM

  Sixteen-year-old Kylie Sanderson and her mom used to live in Statesville, North Carolina with her Grandma Ellen who died six months ago.  Currently living on the streets in L. A. when she left home after seeing her mom jump from man to man in order to provide for their needs, Kylie meets a homeless Gulf War veteran named Miss Lucy.  Miss Lucy takes Kylie under her wing and looks out for her on the streets.  Kylie also meets Rhyann, a young girl who works at the Crowning Glory hair salon, which is owned by Miss Marilee.  Rhyann helps Kylie get a job at Crowning Glory as a shampoo girl and receptionist, and soon she and Miss Lucy leave the Safe Harbor Mission to live in an apartment owned by Miss Marilee.

Things go along pretty well for Kylie for a while, with her meeting the famous superstar Kara Matthews and her daughter Divine.  Kylie is welcomed into Divine’s circle of friends, but she still keeps distant as she feels out of place among the higher-class teens.  One of the girls, Mimi, has a brother named Chandler that Kylie begins dating, but when he tells her he’s not a virgin, could the relationship be over before it really had a chance to get started?  And then, to make matters even worse, Kylie’s mother shows up to lay claim to her, but what will happen to the girls’ friendship when they realize Kylie lied when she told them her mom was dead?


The newest book in the Divine and Friends series by national best-selling author Jacquelin Thomas, SPLIT ENDS, is set in Los Angeles, California, and shows how homelessness for teens can be a big problem in our society.  Through the kindness and support of strangers who later became friends, teen-aged Kylie was able to get off the streets and find a job and a place to live.  Kylie’s mother was a terrible role model but as Kylie practices tough love with her mom, her mom eventually sees Kylie’s side of things and earns Kylie’s forgiveness.  SPLIT ENDS is written with young adults in mind using language and characters they will be able to identify with.  Be sure to also check out an earlier book, IT’S A CURL THING, from the DIVINE AND FRIENDS series.    

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