Split Ends: Sometimes the End is Really the Beginning

Author: Kristin Billerbeck

Publisher: Thomas Nelson, Inc.

Release Date: April, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Sarah Claire Winowski has finally gotten the chance to ‘get out of town’, as the saying goes.   And it’s not soon enough for her.   Being the illegitimate daughter of an alcoholic mother in small-town Wyoming hasn’t been an easy life for Sarah for most of her twenty-six years.   When her cousin, Scott, gives her the opportunity of a lifetime to move to Los Angeles and work in an upscale beauty salon in Beverly Hills, she jumps at the chance to take a one-way trip out of Sable, Wyoming.   Her mom tries to convince her to stay, but Sarah is determined to cut the apron strings once and for all.

The one bright spot in Sarah’s life in California is Scott’s roommate, Dane Weston.   Handsome and debonair, Dane is the man Sarah has always dreamed of loving.   Has she finally found her modern fedora-wearing Cary Grant, and will she make it as “Hairstylist to the Stars”?


SPLIT ENDS is one of those books that is just fun to read, plain and simple.   The storyline is one that’s been done plenty of times before—small-town girl tries to make it big in the city.   Only this time it’s done by Kristin Billerbeck, which makes all the difference in the world.   Sometimes serious, sometimes humorous, SPLIT ENDS is a wonderful way to escape from real life for a few hours.   I found I could easily identify with Sarah in that I too sometimes wish I could move somewhere else where no one has ever heard of me and start my life over.   Sarah was able to move to California and get away from Wyoming where she was known only as the illegitimate daughter of the town drunk and an unknown father.         


Quotes at the beginning of each chapter from old-time movie stars are interesting and make a great addition to each chapter.   Fans of chick-lit will enjoy this romance about a Christian girl from Anywhere, USA who followed her dreams even in the face of sure failure, and managed to overcome the doubts and fears to achieve success.   

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sherri Myers

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