Spontaneous Combustion
By Sarah W
Feb 1, 2005 - 12:32:00 PM

Jo Benjamin doesn't look forward to having her son T.C. leave for the summer every year to go to Texas with his uncle, but she knows it's good for him to have a male influence in his life. So, despite her sadness, she lets him go year after year. But this year something is different. Instead of just having a limo drive T.C. to the airport, Chad Benjamin comes to the apartment to pick up T.C. He is struck dumb by the simple beauty that is Josephine Amanda Hall Benjamin. Though Jo is his brother's widow, Chad can't help wanting her for himself. He invites Jo to accompany him to Texas and she accepts. Thus begins Jo's Texas adventure, a summer of love, friendship, and new experiences.

Unfortunately, things aren't as much fun in Texas as Jo was hoping. She's growing closer to Chad and being able to spend the summer with her son is wonderful, but there seem to be a lot of accidents going on at the ranch, dangerous things that seem targeted at Jo. Chad is doing everything he can to protect her, will ensuring that she falls madly in love with him. Will they be able to find out what or who the evil presence at the ranch is before someone gets seriously hurt, or is Jo destined to be parted from Chad forever?


SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION is an old-fashioned, courting romance that takes place amongst the wilds of Texas. This is a romance in the truest sense of the word as Chad does everything he can to prove to Jo that he is the man for her, that she can forget the abusive relationship she had with David, her husband. Charlene Leonard does an outstanding job of showing the growing relationship between the two protagonists, along with showing the growth Jo experiences in Texas-growth as a woman, growth as a mother, and growth as an artist. If you like your romance sweet with plenty of twists and turns that ensure a good read, you'll definitely want to read SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION as it is sure to touch the romantic in all of us.

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