Midsummer Night’s Steam: Spontaneous
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 18, 2007 - 2:54:22 PM

Bartender Sophie Kincaid has had enough bad experiences with men to have sworn off them - at least for a while. There’s just one little problem - she’s extremely attracted to her boss, Ian Grey. Normally that wouldn’t matter since he has a ‘perfect girlfriend’ but circumstances change and Sophie has to decide if she’s ready to give a man who’s on the rebound a shot - and risk losing another job when the relationship goes sour.

Ian Grey is the general manager of the Royal Plaza. He’s intensely focused and has a ‘life plan’ for everything, but being dumped by his girlfriend has thrown his ‘plans’ out of whack. Drowning his sorrows in the hotel bar seems like the ideal thing to do. It’s there that he gets into a conversation with Sophie and has to admit to himself that she turns him on more than his now ex-girlfriend has in years.

Ian may be anal when it comes to knowing what will happen from moment to moment but Sophie is definitely a ‘fly by the seat of her pants’ kind of girl. He’s shocked that she has no clue what she wants to do with her life. Sophie throws out a question that completely stumps him "Have you ever done anything spontaneous?" Ian knows he hasn’t - he doesn’t have time to be spontaneous! - but something about Sophie makes him crave spontaneity. Their conversation ends when Chuck, Sophie’s manager, asks her to take care of cleaning up the stockroom.

While she’s occupied breaking down boxes and throwing them into a pile, Sophie berates herself for even considering doing wicked things with Ian, after all he is the boss. Ian is also busy - busy sneaking into the stockroom. He intends to show Sophie that he’s capable of being spontaneous. Having sex in a place where there’s a potential of being caught is definitely not boring nor is it part of his life plan - but it feels dang good! Sophie’s positive that the lovemaking with Ian in the stockroom is a one time thing but he’s got other plans, it’s just a matter of convincing Sophie that being spontaneous with her is exactly what he wants and needs in his life?

We all know obsessive people who have their lives scheduled down the last minute. Karen Erickson delves into just such a man’s life and throws it completely off-kilter when he’s dumped by his girlfriend and starts spending time with a woman who lives for spontaneous moments. Sophie and Ian balance each other out beautifully and while she’s convinced that she’s not good enough for him and fears falling too deeply for him, he’s smart enough to know exactly what he wants - and as a life planner, he can plan how to go about getting it and her too. This is a fun-filled story full of sexual romps and emotional appeal that will delight even the most cynical reader.

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