Spurs and Mistletoe: Santa in Spurs
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 1, 2006 - 11:46:00 AM

Lauren O’Shea has decided to leave her career as a bullfighter and return home to help her father with the day to day business of his ranch. She may be giving up the rodeo but she has no intention of giving up her interest mixing a little rope play with her lovin’. Lauren’s used to the love ‘em and leave ‘em cowboy mentality, so when Nathan stakes his claim, she’s not quite sure how to deal with him or her feelings.

Nathan Mill is the owner of High Impact PR. Lauren’s father talks her into showing Nathan the ropes. That fits in perfectly with his plans to claim her. Nathan has no clue if she’ll appreciate his preference for BDSM but he fully intends to introduce her to his brand of lovin’. Now if he could just get rid of the city slicker image, life would be great.

Lauren’s father, Bill, has arranged a huge barbecue to celebrate Lauren’s homecoming. Deciding to give up bullfighting wasn’t an easy decision for Lauren, but the pleasure on her father’s face reinforces her thoughts that she’s made the right decision. Lauren notices Nathan right away, there’s an air of dominance about him that draws her to him. Bill convinced Lauren to show Nathan the ropes so there’s no need to assert his domination of her . . . at least not yet. She’ll find out soon enough that she belongs to him. For their first arranged meeting, Lauren’s late and Nathan decides a little taste of dominant punishment is in order. Of course, he also sees the bruises from her last bullfighting incident. However, he doesn’t know what she does and she doesn’t bother enlightening him. With her mind full of all the delicious things, Nathan could do to her, she makes sure that she’s on time for their next meeting. When she shows up though, Lauren learns that the man who normally plays Santa has to have surgery and won’t be able to play Santa for the toy drive. Meanwhile, Nathan has become frustrated with being referred to as the ‘city slicker.’ Lauren agrees to help him dress more like a local so that he won’t stand out so bad, if he’ll dress up and play the SANTA IN SPURS for the rodeo.

Maggie Casper does a beautiful job showing the inner strength of a female bullfighter. It's an occupation with very few women participants. Lauren is a fun character, she isn’t afraid to admit that she craves dominance in the bedroom. Nathan is all alpha. Dominantly sexy even in city boy clothes, I can just imagine him as a SANTA IN SPURS. The plot is fast-paced and amusing, especially once Nathan learns what Lauren does for work. Taming a woman who takes on bulls for a living won’t be easy, but Nathan is man enough to accept the challenge.

To read more on other characters that appeared in this story, read the other two books in the SPURS AND MISTLETOE series - THE HARDER THEY FALL by Beth Williamson and FOR LOVE’S SAKE ONLY by Lena Matthews. I’ve read all three and they’re each vastly different and very well written.

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