St. Nacho's 2: Physical Therapy
By Christina
Jul 15, 2009 - 7:42:48 PM

One terrible decision changed the course Jordan Jensen’s life forever. He chose to drive drunk and as a result he killed a three-year-old boy. Every day he has to deal with the guilt and grief of knowing he killed a child. Jordan served his time in prison and began the slow and laborious process of rebuilding his life. There have been a few setbacks including a second stay in rehab but he finally has his life on track. After successfully becoming a massage therapist, Jordan decides to make a fresh start in Santo Ignacio, California. He has heard a lot about St. Nachos from his best friend Cooper and Cooper’s lover Shawn. He can only hope Cooper will be happy to see him.

Almost immediately after arriving in St. Nacho’s Jordan gets a job at a gym doing everything from giving massages to working with clients to cleaning the exercise equipment.  He is surprised by the welcoming and open attitude of the people he meets. When Ken Ashton enters the gym Jordan notices him right away. In Ken he recognizes a kindred spirit. He knows the kind of pain that the other man is suffering and Jordan longs to offer him comfort. Ken was hurt and his best friend was killed when a drunk driver hit their car. Jordan is sure that Ken will hate him when he discovers the truth about Jordan’s past.


PHYSICAL THERAPY is the second book in Z.A. Maxfield’s ST NACHO’S series. It is delightful to visit the town of Santo Ignacio again. I became immersed in the sights and sounds of the town. The secondary characters are quirky and endearing. Jordan is introduced in ST. NACHO’S, the first book in the series and he isn’t a very likable character. By the beginning of this novel, however, Jordan has come a long way and grown as a person.  I felt Jordan and Ken’s pain and insecurity. They have so much in common but they are both so afraid of being rejected that they can’t see that they belong together. To fully understand these characters and the story the books should be read in order. This is a profound and beautifully written novel full of strong emotions and vibrant descriptions.  I highly recommend it.

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