The McCloud Brothers, Book 2 - Standing in the Shadows
By Jennifer Wardrip
Nov 21, 2003 - 9:25:00 PM

Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot!! Any way you look at it, STANDING IN THE SHADOWS is one hot book. The characters are hot, the story is hot, and the sex is hot. Anyone who’s been waiting for one steamy read to pick up this cold, cruel winter, here’s your chance.

Connor McCloud is the hero that every woman secretly dreams of. An ex-FBI agent who’s braved bad guys, bullets, knives, and explosions, Connor’s seen his share of misery. Not only seen it, but experienced it. He even has the scars to prove it. The scars, though, instead of taking away from his power and masculinity, only add to it. Add his slightly shaggy tawny-colored hair, his piercing green eyes, and his pores that just oozed sexuality, and you’ve got one heck of a hero.


For Erin Riggs, Connor has always been the stuff that dreams are made of. From teenage crush to adult dream material, Erin’s always compared every man she’s met to Connor McCloud. So, Connor was the reason behind her Dad being in prison? So, he was the last straw that broke her family’s back? Hmmph, she could overlook that. For Connor, she could overlook just about anything.


Or so she thought. When Connor makes a sudden reappearance into her life, claiming that Erin is once again at the center of some devious plot that could cost her life and limb, she doesn’t know whether to laugh or scream. Here she is, with the man who taunts her sleep, and he’s barging into her life, taking over as if she had no will of her own. The problem is, with Connor McCloud, she doesn’t have a will of her own.


Connor, though, isn’t the big, bad wolf in this story of mayhem, murder, and suspense. It’s bad enough that he got caught staring at a budding Erin when she was all of seventeen, and it’s even worse now that she’s an adult, can make her own decisions, and is sleeping in the same room as he is. Connor has always loved Erin. The problem is, he’s sworn to protect her, and he can’t exactly do that with thoughts of sexual depravity running rampant through his mind. Or can he?


Shannon McKenna has done an awesome job of following up her first Kensington Brava release, BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. This book steams, ladies, and if the sex between these two extraordinary people doesn’t work better than any electric blanket you might snuggle up with, then I don’t know what will.


Do the good guys outsmart the bad guys? Does justice prevail? What about Erin’s mother, who’s slowly losing her mind, along with her husband, home, and credit cards? Or what about Erin’s younger sister, Cindy, who’s hooked up with a bad attitude boyfriend who showers her with expensive gifts? And we can’t forget Connor’s brothers, Davy and Seth, who have become not only the backbone of Connor’s existence, but his lifeline to an ordinary life, as well.


Since I can’t give away trade secrets without having to kill you, I guess you’ll just have to pick up a copy of STANDING IN THE SHADOWS for yourself. I can guarantee that you’ll be glad you did. I can also guarantee that you might want a tall glass of ice water beside the bed while you’re reading it.

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