Standing on the Edge of Goodbye
By Barbara
Oct 5, 2006 - 9:05:00 PM

Devon McCallister found the spun out car tracks in the snow that fateful night, climbed down the side of the mountain and called the sheriff’s department for help in the little town of
Redemption. The driver taking his last breaths looked at peace as he made Devon promise to take care of his wife. Making the promise Devon wondered what he would do to keep it. Women to Devon McCallister were nothing but means of pleasure and flirtation, never anything serious, and never anything to take care of; until he held Chloe’s hand.

Chloe survived most of her life on her own with the feeling no one wanted her. An orphan at age three she was bumped around from family to family all her life, and the only constant that kept popping up was Kyle Strickland. Married at age 17, widowed now at age 21 while on their way to a high school job for Kyle in California, Chloe is now alone and pregnant. All her survival instincts says she has to make it one her own, so why does this wealthy man, Devon McCallister keep popping up and trying to take care of her? She did not ask for his help, she does not want his help, but he’s there with his motherly-hen friend and secretary from the lumber company, Jesse.


Devon fights with Chloe to try to help her out, but it’s her sense of survival that holds him at bay. Never giving up, and not breaking his promise he learns the meaning of the man that Jesse always knew in her heart he would be. He attends church with Chloe and Jesse, attends Jesse’s wedding to the church’s minister Sam, and even spends lunchtime with Chloe going through the bible after he finally talks her into working for him as his accountant.


When Chloe goes into labor and Devon is the first one she calls, as Jesse and Sam are at a retreat, Devon finds that even though he fights with a dead man’s love for the woman now in his life, he wants to make things between them more than just friends. But Chloe is a fighter, a survivor and tends to want to do things on her own. How can Devon get through those barriers and make her see that with love she doesn’t have to be alone?


Read ON THE EDGE OF GOODBYE and follow along with Devon and Chloe’s mixed emotions, turmoil, and head-shaking-eye-rolling arguments that will involve you in the fun and tears of their adventure in Redemption, Colorado.

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